Year IV | 2016 KASA Banquet

The 28 members of the 2015-2016 team.

2015-2016 brought a new wave of members to the team and also marked the founders’ last year with the club. This year’s concept was Battle of the KPOP Genres based on the recent trend of survival programs such as Produce 101, WIN, and No Mercy, and has lead to the creation of “teams”; POPreKa Black, POPreKa Blue, and POPreKa Red. The battle among the teams stems off from a dollar fight between the team color captains (Mike B. of Black, Neil P. of Blue, and Winnie J. of Red), and would later turn into a competition of which team can pull each of their KPOP genre dances best to show who reigns supreme. Genres included cute, free spirit fun, sexy, swag, and powerful aka Big 3 (SM, YG, JYP) showdown.

Year IV: Battle of the KPOP genres


  • Darling – Girl’s Day
  • 200% – Akdong Musician
  • Me Gustas Tu – GFRIEND
  • You’re the Best – Mamamoo
  • Mansae – Seventeen
  • Daddy – PSY
  • Flashback – Afterschool
  • Wild – Nine Muses
  • My House – 2PM
  • Danger – BTS
  • Trespass – Monsta X
  • Crazy – 4Minute
  • Fly – Got7
  • Call Me Baby – EXO
  • Bang Bang Bang – Big Bang

Genre Transitional Tracks

  • Gwiyeomi Song (cute)
  • Okey Dokey – Zico and Song Mino (free spirit fun)
  • 30 Sexy – Rain (sexy)
  • Crayon – G-Dragon (swag)
  • Genie – Girls’ Generation (final showdown)