About Us


The word KPOP marks its predominance in the POPreKa logo

POPreKa is the first and only KPOP Cover Dance group based at the University of California, Santa Cruz. This group aims to provide a community for dancers and lovers of KPOP, as well as to spread the awareness of the genre. We aim to create a welcoming environment for new and old dancers alike.

Comprised of the words ‘KPOP’ and ‘eureka’ (California’s state motto), POPreKa is short for our self-made expression “Eureka! We have found KPOP!”. It stands for the joys that KPOP can bring upon one’s discovery, and we show it through dance! 

A concept that is unique to POPreKa is that the team tries to cover a setlist that follows an interesting plot, or concept, leading up to our main performance for the annual UCSC Korean American Student Association (KASA) banquet every spring.

Anyone, regardless of experience, is free to join or just stop by any of the practices or workshops.

POPreKa was formed Winter 2013 as Banana’s For KPOP Dance for the annual UCSC KASA Banquet, and was called BFK Dance up until September 2014. POPreKa now serves as one of two KASA sister groups, the other group being JK Kajok/Kazoku Hip Hop Dance Crew.