The first attempt in doing full covers! UNIQ EOEO performed by Magatte A., Winnie J., Neil P., Jane R., and Vicky T.

Year IV | 2016 KASA Banquet

2015-2016 brought a new wave of members to the team and also marked the founders’ last year with the club. This year’s concept was Battle of the KPOP Genres based on the recent trend of survival programs such as Produce 101, WIN, and No Mercy, and has lead to the creation of “teams”; POPreKa Black, POPreKa Blue, and POPreKa Red. … More Year IV | 2016 KASA Banquet

EXID Mashup Performance

The first POPreKa performance of the 2015-2016 school year! On February 19, 2016 POPreKA performed a mix of EXID songs at the UCSC alpha Delta Kappa Phi charity show. It was a mashup comprised of various EXID songs that came together to form an interesting dance piece of its kind! Tracklist all by EXID Up and Down Ah Yeah Hot … More EXID Mashup Performance

POPTASTIC College Night at the Colleges Nine and Ten

The SISTAR Performance Squad for the evening of January 10th, 2015. UCSC has ten college campuses and something called ‘College Nights’ for each one. A college night consists of a theme, specially made food, and performances that are relevant to it. We were invited to perform at the POPTASTIC College Night at the Colleges Nine … More POPTASTIC College Night at the Colleges Nine and Ten